Vittoria Corsa G2.0 Tubular tire

$ 125.00

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Vittoria's pro-level Corsa Tubular has gotten a revolutionary upgrade by utilizing technology that incorporates graphene into the rubber to deliver a tire that provides both excellent performance and excellent longevity. The extremely lightweight, flexible, yet durable properties of this high-tech material let the Corsa Tubular deliver even more speed, grip, and puncture resistance than ever before.

Graphene  is a very thin material (as thin as a single atom), and nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon. One mere gram covers over 2,500 square meters - and in the pure form (the only form that Vittoria uses, of course) it is 200 times stronger than steel and 6 times more flexible.

When the tire is rolling straight, the rubber compound is at its hardest and offers very low rolling resistance. If the rider brakes, accelerates, or corners, the compound softens and offers more grip. It's science!

• 700c tubular

• corespun 320 tpi aramid-enhanced cotton & Kevlar casing w/ Tread Belt flat protection

• latex inner tube lining

• 100% handmade from stitching to tread lamination

• sizes: 23, 25, 28mm

• color: black/tan

• max psi: 145

• weight: 265g (23mm), 280g (25mm), 330g (28mm)


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