Driven by a tenacious passion for track bikes and a lack of shops catering to our own needs, Retrogression began in 2009 and quickly became a highly reputable source for quality frames, parts, accessories and custom wheel builds with loyal customers worldwide.

As an independent retailer we sell products we like, use ourselves and can stand behind. There's an overwhelming amount of junk on the market today but we believe quality still counts for something (and we hope you agree with us). We align ourselves with companies worth doing business with and everything we sell is hand-picked to offer you the best of the best. From high-end track parts to tools and the smallest nuts & bolts, we strive to be your one-stop shop.

We're not a fancy-schmancy "boutique", we don't serve $17 espresso drinks or gluten-free cupcakes and we're not making silly claims of selling you an "urban lifestyle", we're a real bike shop devoted to being straightforward and doing things the way we like to see them done, period. 

Our full-service shop is located in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, CA and we are extremely proud to be a key element in San Diego's thriving velodrome & fixed gear community. We regularly host alleycat races, charity fundraisers, raging parties and fully support our ever-growing family of local riders and racers. 

Whether you're shopping locally or online, our main goal is to bring you exactly what you want at realistic prices and offer the same high level of knowledge, experience and personal service we would expect ourselves. 

Huge thanks to our amazing customers - new, old, local, nationwide and international - for helping us become one of the world's favorite fixed gear & track bike shops.



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