Runwell STEX BK 4-Way wrench

$ 22.00

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Featuring 3, 4, 5, and 6mm allen keys, this tool is perfect for professional use in the shop and portable enough for any rider to carry on the go.

With a streamline, contoured design to match Runwell's DRIP and AQUALIA  wrenches, the chrome plated steel handle fits well in your hand and makes tightening and loosening screws easy as pie.

This super cool all black version is limited to only 200 pieces, so grab one while you can!


If the bit becomes loose, use a 2.5mm allen wrench and tighten the set screw on the end of the tool that secures the bit. Adding a tiny drop of blue threadlocker will prevent the set screws from needing adjustment.

• made in Japan

• length: 100mm

• weight: 49g


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