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Phil Wood square taper bottom bracket

$ 185.00

Phil Wood makes the finest square taper bottom bracket with sealed bearings you’ll ever find. This isn’t opinion or open to debate, it’s fact.

”Oh, but they’re so expensive!”, you say. Yeah, top quality is often expensive. So is replacing a cheapo bottom bracket every six months. Do it right - one and done! 

Phil Wood square taper bottom bracket cups & installation tools required (sold separately).


The crankset being used determines spindle length and type, not the frame. Please check what length the manufacturer recommends for your crankset or measure your existing spindle.

And because we know you're going to ask...Sugino 75 uses 110.5mm ISO.

• proprietary heat-treated stainless steel spindle for maximum durability & minimum flex

• integral one-piece aluminum shell seals out contamination

• symmetrical JIS or ISO square-taper spindle

• spindle lengths: 103, 108, 111mm (JIS); 108, 110.5mm (ISO)

• cups provide an additional 5mm of lateral chainline adjustment

• cups & installation tools sold separately

• weight: 196g (103mm), 208g (108mm), 213g (110.5/111mm)

Proper installation of this bottom bracket is crucial.

Installation instructions can be viewed here: Phil Wood Square Taper bottom bracket installation