Phil Wood square taper bottom bracket tool

$ 20.00

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These are the tools you need to install & remove Phil Wood square taper BB cups, which have a proprietary 18-spline design.

The Portable version is used with a 22mm combination wrench, 22m socket or large adjustable wrench.

The Pro version features a burly 10" long x 5mm thick handle, and will easily provide more than enough leverage for daily professional shop use.

Both are made of solid stainless steel and will last long enough for you to pass on to your grand kids.


Pro tip: For best results, use two tools at the same time (one per side). Our go-to is one Pro tool on the drive side combined with one Portable tool on the NDS side, but you can do it however you'd like.

You can try installing your Phil BB using one tool but unless you really enjoy getting pissed off, inventing a bunch of new swear words and wanting to throw your bike off the nearest bridge, we don't recommend it - especially if you're installing Italian-threaded cups.

• stainless steel construction

• compatible with all Phil Wood square taper BB cups made since 1971


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