Miche Primato 107mm JIS bottom bracket

$ 45.00

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This is the bottom bracket you need for the current JIS version of the Miche Advanced track crankset.

Available in 68mm English-threaded or 70mm Italian-threaded.


Yes, if you have a Miche JIS crankset you really do NEED to use this bottom bracket.

Why? Because other cartridge bottom brackets have a non-drive side cup that protrudes slightly from the BB shell and makes contact with the left crank arm when it is fully seated on the spindle. The Miche JIS bottom bracket has a non-drive side cup that is flush with the edge of the BB shell.

• hardened cro-mo spindle w/ lightweight alloy cups

• 68mm English-threaded or 70mm Italian-threaded

• JIS square-taper

• spindle length: 107mm

• cups install using Park Tool BBT-5

• weight: 275g


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