KMC K1SL Wide chain (formerly K710SL)

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A slightly lighter version of the mighty K710 Kool chain, the K1SL Wide is a 1/2" x 1/8" super-duty chain w/ asymmetric plates for increased strength and cutouts to reduce weight, stretch proof mushroomed pins and DropBuster anti-drop design.

The gold model, in addition to looking great, features a slick, long-wearing titanium nitride coating for an extra smooth drivetrain and is a longtime personal favorite of the RG crew.

Includes re-usable a KMC Missing Link master link.


FYI: KMC recently changed the name of this chain from K710SL to 'K1SL Wide'. Same awesome chain, different name.

• 100 links

• colors: gold, silver, black, gold


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