Cro-mo track hub axles

$ 35.00

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These solid cro-mo replacement axles will work on any track hub using a straight, non-shouldered axle.

Most front track hubs use 9mm axles and most rear hubs use 10mm axles, but there are a few exceptions. It is up to you to measure and know which size you need!

Sold individually.


FYI: Suzue Pro Max hubs use M10 axles for both front and rear.

When replacing the axle on a Suzue front hub, you'll need to cut an M10 x 174mm axle down to about 145mm (9-10mm per side), and assuming your fork has 9mm dropouts, you will also need to grind flat spots on the sides of the axle to match your stock axle. The easiest way to do this is with a bench grinder, but it can also be done using a file if you have a lot of time on your hands. Don't ask us to do t for you. We won't.

• chrome plated chromoly

• sizes: M9 x 155mm, M10 x 174mm

• axle nits and other hardware not included


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