MKS Sylvan Track pedals

$ 35.00

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The Sylvan Track features a short two-piece single-sided cage built around a compact pedal body that allows for ample ground clearance when cornering.

The Sylvan Track is a replica of a classic Campagnolo pedal and is designed to be used on the steep banking of a velodrome, but is also at home on the road. The cage plate tooth profile is almost smooth and one-sided, so we recommend toe clips and straps with this pedal.

Sold in pairs, because all pedals are sold in pairs.


🔧 The slots for straps on these pedals are very small. Regular leather straps can be installed without any trouble but you may need to file the slots a little to get some thicker laminated straps through. Easy peasy!

• aluminum body & cages w/ cro-mo spindle

• for use with toe clips and straps

• width: 80mm

• center of spindle to clip interface: 30mm

• colors: silver, black


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