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Vittoria Randonneur Classic tire

$ 34.99

The legendary Rando is a meaty, all around kickass tire for your everyday riding needs.

Extremely durable without sacrificing comfort, the 33-tpi casing and 'Aquaflow' tread pattern makes this a great tire even on rainy days while a tough 2X puncture resistant belt will help snuff out the chance of getting flats in all conditions.

Originally designed for touring and randonneurring (look that word up, kiddies), this tire quickly became a go-to with the street fixed gear crowd because of how well it holds up to skidding.


Pro tip: Keep these inflated about 10-15 psi higher than the sidewall rating to keep them from feeling squishy. You'll thank us!

• 700c clincher

• steel bead

• rolling strip is reinforced with a 1.3mm belt of rubber for added puncture protection

• sizes: 25, 28mm

• weight: 430g (25mm)