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Unlimited Breadsticks

$ 1,000.00

The last time you were at Olive Garden® with the cousins, were you thinking "Damn, I really wish I could blast these warm, soft, and lightly-seasoned breadsticks into my head in the comfort of my own shitty apartment"?

Well, you're in luck! They are now available for purchase with several options of frequency! These slender sticks of golden goodness will be delivered to your door piping hot and ready to rip.

They are the perfect companion to a variety of dishes. Pair them with soups, salads, or even more fuckin' bread.

• Crunchy Exterior, Tender Interior: Experience the delightful contrast of a crisp, golden crust giving way to a soft, airy center. This texture dance is what makes these breadsticks an exquisite treat

• "Keep 'em Coming!" customers are required to sign a waiver, which outlines the terms and conditions of hosting a sweaty ex-Olive Garden® employee in their residence to continuously make breadsticks until someone dies