Thomson seatpost collar

$ 31.95

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The Thomson collar utilizes the seatpost bolt/washer/barrel nut combo that has proven to be strong over the years.

This fastener combination allows float on both sides of the collar slot ensuring consistent clamping force. The bolt hole angle, height of the collar and offset slot all help create a collar that generates maximum clamping force at only 20-25 inch-lbs of torque.

• made in USA

• color: black, silver

• sizes: 29.8 (30.0), 31.8, 34.9mm

• weight: approx. 26g

Not sure which size you need? Don't just take a wild guess - measure your seat tube or ask us!

Helpful hints: Most steel frames that take a 26.8 or 27.2mm seatpost use a 29.8 (30.0) collar. Most aluminum frames that take a 27.2mm seatpost use a 31.8 collar. Aluminum frames that take a 31.6mm seatpost use a 34.9 collar.


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