Tange-Seiki LN 3922 JIS cartridge bottom bracket

$ 35.00

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Tange-Seiki has been making quality headsets and bottom brackets in Japan since before your parents were born.

Features ultra-smooth sealed cartridge bearings, solid boron steel spindle and steel cups.


🔧 Pro tip: The crankset being used determines spindle length, not the frame. Please check what length the manufacturer recommends for your crankset or measure your existing BB's spindle.

• 68mm English-threaded (1.370" x 24 tpi)

• JIS square taper

• steel cups & sleeve

• spindle length: 103, 107, 110mm

• requires Park Tool BBT-22 for installation & removal

• crank arm bolts are not included

• weight 325g (110mm)

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