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Sugino TL-Peg chainring nut wrench

$ 15.00

The Sugino TL-Peg works wonders to make chainring bolt installation and removal much easier by securely holding the slotted rear nut to prevent spinning.

Made of stainless steel with a hardened cro-mo tip and comfortable plastic T-handle.


This tool is only for holding the rear nut in position. Don't turn it, as the tip may break and then you'll be all sad.

1. Grease the threads and place each chainring bolt & nut into the chainring bolt holes. Thread the bolts into the nuts, but don't tighten them all the way.

2. Fit the tip of TL-Peg nut wrench into the slotted recess of the nut.

3. Hold the nut and prevent it turning while tightening the bolt from the front, using proper torque specifications for your bolts.