Sugino dust caps & crank arm bolts

$ 35.00

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Designing cranksets, bottom brackets and chainrings for Keirin riders for years, Sugino has built a reputation of being one of the best crank manufacturers on the planet. From their lower priced RD2 and Messenger cranks to the top of the line NJS stamped 75 & Grand Mighty, Sugino's name has always been synonymous with high quality.

Made of lightweight alloy and machined/finished to perfection, these caps are the perfect finishing touch for your Sugino cranks.

14mm hex head crank arm bolts are included.


These will not work on Sugino 75 Direct Drive cranks or any others not having traditional bolt-on arms.

• fits all Sugino square taper crank arms (and all all other square taper crank arms with standard M22 extractor threading)

• sold in pairs

• colors: silver, black, gold

To install the dust caps, lightly grease the threads, use a 5mm allen wrench and be gentle.

You are simply installing a decorative piece that doesn't need to be torqued down like your survival depends on it.


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