Sugino dust caps & crank arm bolts

$ 35.00

Designing cranksets, bottom brackets and chainrings for Keirin riders for years, Sugino has built a reputation of being one of the best - if not the best - crank manufacturer on the planet. From their lower priced RD2 and Messenger cranks to the top of the line NJS stamped 75 & Grand Mighty, Sugino's name has always been synonymous with high quality.

Made of lightweight alloy and machined/finished to perfection, these caps are the perfect finishing touch for your Sugino cranks.

14mm hex head crank arm bolts are included.


⚠️ These will not work on Sugino 75 Direct Drive cranks or any others not having traditional bolt-on arms.

• fits all Sugino cranks (and most other square-taper cranks)

• sold in pairs

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