SimWorks Human Mushroom water bottle

$ 15.00

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To quote artist & SimWorks collaborator Nicholas Haig-Arack, "Sometimes you feel like you’re an alien on your home planet. But you’re not separate from nature; you’re made of all the same stuff as every other creature here on Mother Earth. Underneath this layer of technology, you’re still an earthling!"

We agree and regardless of how you feel about all that, Purist infusion shields these rad bottles from taste, mold and staining. Nothing sticks, so your water always tastes clean & pure as it should.

Available in two colors: moss and gold.

• made by Specialized in USA

• 22oz bottle w/ MoFlo thread-on top that is easy to open and leak proof when closed

• clear view strip so you can see when your running low on fluid

• BPA free

• 100% recyclable


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