Shimano TL-SR22 track chain whip & lockring tool

$ 60.00

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The Shimano TL-SR22 is hands down the best multi-purpose tool for installing/removing lockrings and cogs on track hubs!

Hefty 5mm thick solid steel construction with a comfortable rubber grip and heavy-duty Izumi 1/8" chain (works on both 1/8" & 3/32" cogs) to wrap around your cog. Single hook spanner easily removes tough lockrings.


To prevent damage to your cog, be sure to completely wrap the chain around the cog when using. The cog's teeth should never contact the rounded cutout in the steel handle. When installing & removing cogs larger than 16t, you will need to add a few links to the chain. 

• made in Japan

• length: 11 3/4"

• lockring side can also be used to secure/remove bottom bracket lockrings


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