Runwell Checker NJS chain tool

$ 25.00

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Unlike chains using traditional quick links, NJS chains feature a tiny bolt and 6mm square nut to affix the chain's ends together and everyone using a NJS chain has experienced that the square nut was loose or lost at least once.

Made from chrome plated chromoly steel, strong enough to last a lifetime and featuring a beautifully machined knurled handle, this tool allows you to easily check that your master link nut is secure before a race, before going out, or on breaks during a ride.

Designed by a Keirin track inspector very experienced with NJS standards, the Checker is used during bicycle inspection before races. It is also nominated by head velodrome mechanics in New Zealand and Denmark as a tool to be used at the Tokyo Olympics.

• made in Japan

• length: 125mm

• weight: 88g


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