Phil Wood bottom bracket bearings

$ 20.00

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Need new bearings for your Phil Wood Square Taper bottom or Outboard Bearing bracket? Knock the old ones out and replace them with genuine Phil Wood bearings.

Packed with Phil Waterproof Grease to ensure maximum durability and featuring seals that are as good or better than those found in the highest quality submersible motor and pump bearings.

Available with stainless steel or Carbonyte bearings.

Sold individually.


Phil's Carbonyte bearings use a proprietary grease applied to provide protection against wear while allowing for the low rolling resistance you would expect from a ceramic bearing. Bearing seals are are not full-contact, so we do not recommend these bearings off road or wet/corrosive environments.

• sizes: 6903 (Phil Wood part # PWX93), 6805 (Phil Wood part # PWX85)

• 6903 outer/inner diameter: 30mm/17mm

• 6805 outer/inner diameter: 37mm/25mm

• width: 7mm


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