Phil Wood outboard bearing bottom bracket w/ GXP adapter

$ 160.00

Replace that clicking, noisy, tired stock Sram GXP bottom bracket with Phil Wood perfection.

Includes a genuine Phil Wood stainless steel GXP adapter factory-pressed into the non-drive side cup, making it perfectly compatible with your Omnium or S300 crankset.

Yeah, we know Chris King makes a great outboard bearing BB too (which we also sell), but this is our favorite.

• high-polish stainless steel or black aluminum cups

• CNC-machined aluminum center sleeve w/ o-ring seals

• sealed cartridge bearings

• spacers included (we've found that most installations require at least one spacer on the drive side to center the crank)

• 68mm English or 70mm Italian-threaded

• requires Park Tool BBT-19.2 for installation & removal

• weight: 250g (steel cups)/160g (aluminum cups)

Aluminum cup version in other colors - blue, green, pink, red, violet, orange - can easily be special ordered. Please contact us for details.


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