MKS Sylvan Stream Next pedals

$ 80.00

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The Sylvan Stream Next is a double-sided pedal about the same size as Sylvan Track Next, but with double-sided cage plates that have an aggressive tooth profile to provide grip in any shoe. The Steam accepts toe clips and straps to prevent slipping.

In place of the traditional cup & cone bearing system used since 1979, this new version uses maintenance-free triple sealed bearings and features a slimmed-down highly polished body and cage plates. 

Can be used on their own for single speed use or with clips & straps for fixed gear riding.

Sold in pairs, because all pedals are sold in pairs.

• aluminum body & cages w/ cro-mo spindle

• for use with toe clips and straps

• center of spindle to clip interface: 30mm

• color: polished silver


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