Mack Superlight high flange front hub - WCS

$ 215.00

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Maciej Wydra's goal is to offer flawless hubs with a simple design, the best quality materials and the highest durability.

Mack hubs are entirely CNC machined and hand built at his facility in Poland, and pass through many manual production stations and inspections throughout the process to meet his strict requirements.

Utilizing a 7075-T6 aluminum body & axle, his Superlight track hubs are the lightest high flange hubs you can without sacrificing crucial functional properties, and are extremely high quality.

End caps & washers are also made from 7075 aluminum and have stainless steel knurled rings that provide a secure interface with fork dropouts.

This version features hand painted World Champion stripes unique to Mack hubs, and to add another layer of excellence in the form of small details, all Mack hubs we sell now feature deep engraved, hand painted logos.

• CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminum

• sealed cartridge 6803 RS bearings

• stainless steel axle bolts

• 20h or 32h

• spacing: 100mm

• flange diameter: 65mm

• center-to-flange: 36mm

• colors: black, silver

• weight: 175g (including axle bolts & washers)


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