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Liquid Refreshment Sling

$ 20.00

Don't be the kook who always shows up to the party empty handed expecting to mooch off all your friends. Regardless of them saying it's no problem, they're all sick of that crap. It doesn't matter if you rode your bike in the rain and you left your bag somewhere stupid and bla bla bla. Get your shit together, man.

Holds an entire six pack of LaCroix, White Claw or whatever you goddamn hipsters drink nowadays.

Can be worn as a belt in front or back or if you're feeling adventurous, slung across your chest like true weekend warrior. Go get 'em, killer.


Cans pictured are for demonstration purposes only and are not included. Duh.

• holds six cans

• cordura construction w/ nylon webbing strap & quick-release clip

• adjustable strap fits up to size 50 waist

• colors: black, camo