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Izumi V 1/8" half link

$ 9.00

Proper fixed gear chain tension is critical - too much results in binding and premature drivetrain wear and too little could mean unwanted chain drop.

This special half-link connector features an NJS-approved bolt and nut secure attachment and allows you to add or subtract half of one link (1/2 inch) from Izumi Super Toughness chains in order to optimize chain tension (and get that rear wheel slammed in nice and close to your seat tube).

This can also be used on HKK Vertex and D.I.D. Racing Pro NJS chains.


This half link is not compatible with KMC chains, Izumi Eco, Tough Guard or any other 1/8" non-NJS chains. NJS chains have bushings, those other chains do not.

• NJS-style bolt and nut secure attachment

• for use with 1/8" NJS chains only