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Sapim Race double butted spokes

$ 1.20

Sapim double butted stainless steel spokes have two major benefits: less weight and more strength.

Technological advances using cold forging "stretch" the spoke, retaining the linear molecular structure of the material, thereby increasing the spoke strength at the middle by at least 48%.

Available in 250-310mm lengths.


Spokes are sold individually, cut & threaded to order, and nipples are not included.

Length will be rounded to the nearest whole number (no decimals).

When adding spokes to a custom wheel build order, please choose 'custom wheel build - we calculate' from the menu list and we will determine the correct length based on the rims, hubs and lacing pattern chosen.

Please note: We do not provide spoke calculations if we are not building your wheels. If you are building your own wheels or having them built by someone else, you or the wheel builder are responsible for calculating and ordering the correct spoke length.

Unless there is a cutting/threading defect or shipping mistake, spokes are not returnable.

• 2.0/1.8/2.0mm butted

• available lengths: 250-310mm

• nipples not included

• colors: black or silver

• weight : 380g (64 x 260mm)

A very accurate, user-friendly spoke calculator can be found here.

When purchasing rims and hubs from us, all rim measurements and hub dimensions needed for the calculator can be found on their respective product pages right here on our site.

For best results, we recommend entering "0mm" for rim thickness, as most rim manufacturers already account for this when providing ERD measurements.