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bottom bracket spacers

$ 3.00

These handy aluminum spacers fit between the frame and drive-side bottom bracket cup (cup must have a flange or lip) and can be used to dial in your chainline or to overcome drive side crank arm clearance issues, on square taper, Octalink and external bearing bottom brackets for 24mm cranks.

You probably (hopefully?) already know this, but moving your crank over to one side will also decrease your crank arm clearance on the other side.

They can also be used to increase the chainline measurement of a cog or freewheel, should you ever really feel a weird need to futz around with that.

DO NOT put a spacer between your cog and lockring, as this will reduce the number of lockring threads engaged and decrease the friction needed to properly secure these components.

All this being said, BE CAREFUL WITH THESE. Using them incorrectly can seriously damage your bike and then you'll email us about being all bummed out, and we won’t care because we told you so.

Sold individually.


Not for use on Sram GXP bottom brackets.

Yes, we know Sram Omniums are cursed and have clearance problems on some frames. Unless you're a hack and want to ruin your bottom bracket bearings, and possibly your left crank arm, adding spacers is not the solution. Frig off, Reddit.

• 1mm, 1.5mm or 2mm thickness

• inner diameter: 35mm