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Andel self-extracting crank arm bolts & dust caps

$ 20.00

Add a pop of color to your crankset and make removing your crank arms easier at the same time!

Aluminum dust caps w/ chrome-plated cro-mo M8 crank bolts eliminate the need for a crank puller. Universally suitable for all square taper crank arms with standard M22 extractor threading (such as Sugino, Miche, Andel, etc).

Available in eight colors.


The dust caps are installed in the M22 crank extractor or dust cap threads in your crankset using a 10mm allen wrench, and the bolt takes a 8mm allen wrench to both install and remove your crankset.

The bolt installs the crank as it normally would, by tightening the crank arm onto the spindle. To remove the crank arms, simply turn the 8mm bolt counterclockwise. Instead of the bolt coming out of the crank, it pushes against the aluminum cap and the crank arm is pulled off the spindle. When assembling, the nylon washer is placed between the outer bolt flange and inner dust cap, as shown in the photos.

• sold in pairs

• weight: 340g (pair)

• colors: black, silver, gold, pink, purple, red, green, blue