Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ tire

$ 42.00

To drop a lil' science on y'all, Graphene (G+) is a very thin material (as thin as a single atom), and nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon. One teeny tiny gram covers over 2,500 square meters - and in the pure form (the only form that Vittoria uses, of course) it is 200 times stronger than steel and 6 times more flexible. Wow!

The Rubino Pro G+ is a perfect all-purpose tire featuring a 150tpi casing, Vittoria's nylon Puncture Resistant Belt (PRB) and Aramid Endura twin tread, dual density compound - having softer rubber on the sides and harder rubber down the center to provide fast rolling with lower resistance and more grip when cornering.

• 700c clincher

• steel or folding bead

• max psi: 145

• sizes: 23, 25, 28c

• color: black

• weight: 230g (23c)


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