Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance G+ tire

$ 55.00

To drop a lil' science on y'all, Graphene (G+) is a very thin material (as thin as a single atom), and nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon. One teeny tiny gram covers over 2,500 square meters - and in the pure form (the only form that Vittoria uses, of course) it is 200 times stronger than steel and 6 times more flexible. Wow!

Inspired by the automotive industry to ensure the safety of riders in the most challenging road and weather conditions (even if the temperature drops below the freezing point), the Rubino Pro Endurance G+ features a 60tpi casing and triple-density compound for puncture/cut protection, suppleness, low resistance and more grip when cornering.

• 700c clincher

• folding bead

• max psi: 130

• sizes: 23, 25c

• color: black

• weight: 380g (23c)


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