Vittoria Corsa G2.0 tire

$ 75.00

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Vittoria's pro-level Corsa clincher gets further upgrades over the previous G+ model by utilizing their new Graphene 2.0 compound for better speed, control, puncture protection and even lower rolling resistance than before.

To put it simply without all the "scientific" jibber jabber, it's a really well-made, fast tire!

Also unlike the previous G+ model, these can also be run tubeless if that's your jam.

• 700c clincher

• core spun 320 tpi aramid-enhanced cotton & Kevlar casing w/ Tread Belt flat protection

• 100% handmade

• folding bead

• sizes: 25, 28mm

• color: black/tan

• max psi: 145 (23mm)

• weight: 235g (23mm)


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