Velo Orange threadless bottom bracket

$ 65.00

So...you've got a frame with a messed up bottom bracket shell? Take it down off the wall, install one of these pups and get it rolling again!

Grand Cru threadless bottom brackets fit any frame having a 68mm BB shell, even if the existing threading is totally stripped. We've also heard they work on weird old Raleigh frames with a 71mm shell (just don't try using it on a 73mm shell because that ain't gonna happen).

Unlike other threadless BBs, this design expands internally. As the adjustable cup is tightened, the sleeve is pushed up the tapered alloy cups, expanding and "locking" the BB into the shell and preventing it from slipping.

Installation requires only a traditional-style BB spanner or a pin wrench and the shell does not require chamfering or facing - simply slip it into the shell and tighten. It is then easily removed and any existing threads may be reused.


🔧 Pro tip: The crankset being used determines spindle length, not the frame. Please check what length the manufacturer recommends for your crankset or measure your existing BB's spindle.

• cro-mo spindle w/ sealed cartridge bearings

• JIS square-taper

• spindle length: 103, 107, 110, 113mm

• crank arm bolts included

This bottom bracket will not expand enough to be used on frames having an Italian-threaded BB shell, which have a slightly larger inner diameter.


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