Sram BlackBox GXP ceramic bottom bracket

$ 175.00

Here's an upgraded version of the stock Sram GXP bottom bracket featuring ceramic bearings.

Besides, the cups are red and everyone knows red is the fastest color!


⚠️ Only for use with Sram cranksets.

This bottom bracket includes two spacers that are only needed when installing a MTB crankset on a frame having a 68mm bottom bracket shell.

The spacers are not needed on Omnium or S300 cranksets and should never - we repeat NEVER -  be used to overcome clearance or chainline issues (regardless of the dumb stuff you've read on the internet). You will ruin the bearings and possibly damage the non drive-side arm if you use a spacer.

• English threaded (1.370" x 24 tpi)

• CNC-machined alloy cups

• sealed cartridge ceramic bearings w/ eight seals

• updated GutterSeal improves sealing while reducing drag

• includes left and right cups, plastic center seal/space shell with o-rings

• requires Park Tool BBT-19.2 for installation & removal

• weight: 102g


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