Sram BlackBox GXP ceramic bottom bracket


Here's an upgraded version of the stock Sram GXP bottom bracket featuring ceramic bearings.

Besides, the cups are red and everyone knows red is the fastest color!


⚠️ Only for use with Sram cranksets.

This bottom bracket includes two spacers that are only needed when installing a MTB crankset on a frame having a 68mm bottom bracket shell.

The spacers are not needed on Omnium or S300 cranksets and should never - we repeat NEVER -  be used to overcome clearance or chainline issues (regardless of the dumb stuff you've read on the internet). You will ruin the bearings and possibly damage the non drive-side arm if you use a spacer.

• English threaded (1.370" x 24 tpi)

• CNC-machined alloy cups

• sealed cartridge ceramic bearings w/ eight seals

• updated GutterSeal improves sealing while reducing drag

• includes left and right cups, plastic center seal/space shell with o-rings

• requires Park Tool BBT-19.2 for installation & removal

• weight: 102g

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