Skout Frame Shield top tube protector

$ 25.00

Skout Frame Shields are super tough, very light and feature a Honeycomb Surface Matrix that looks cool and will protect your top tube from being scarred by  handlebar dings and dents.

Available in two sizes to fit a wide array of steel and aluminum frames (see sizing info).


⚠️ Skout Frame Shields will only fit securely on round tubing. They do not fit properly around oval or aero shaped tubing.

• length: 1.6" (40.64mm)

• wall thickness: 6mm

• colors: black, white, hot pink

weight: 20g (Type S), 28g (Type A)

 Type S fits top tubes 1" (25.4mm) - 1.25" (31.8mm); Type A flexes to fit top tubes 1.5" (38.1mm) or larger.

If you are unsure about the diameter of your top tube, it is strongly recommended that you measure its width with a ruler or measuring tape or digital caliper to make sure you choose the right size.


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