Silca Eolo III CO2 Regulator & cartridge set

$ 40.00

No detail was overlooked when manufacturing the Silca Eolo III CO2 Regulator. So much so, that this will quite possibly be the last CO2 inflator you will buy. Manufactured entirely in the USA from Alcoa aluminum and stainless steel, the Silca Eolo III is an instant classic and will hold up to much use and abuse.

A great feature of being able to regulate the flow of gas into the tube and having such a tight machined seal means that unused CO2 stays in the canister for up to a week.

• threads onto both Presta and Schrader valves for secure no-leak interface

• lightest spring action of any spring-valve regulator

• insulation rings improves grip and keep fingers from freezing

• includes two Silca 16g CO2 cartridges


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