Sapim D-Light double-butted spokes

$ 1.45

Butted spokes have two major benefits: they are lighter and stronger than plain gauge spokes!

Sapim's D-Light is a super-strong and exceptionally light butted spoke for a variety of purposes, especially in building an exceptionally strong, stiff wheel. The slight 2mm butted end sections are extra short to save more weight without compromising strength. On the threaded end the 2mm diameter section starts just with the thread. The 1.65mm middle section offers a great compromise between the strength of a thicker spoke and the light weight of a thinner spoke.

• 2.0mm/1.65mm/2.0mm butted

• available lengths: 250-300mm (even-numbered lengths only)

• nipples not included

• color: black

• weight : 309g (64 x 260mm)

Not sure which length(s) you need?

A very accurate, user-friendly spoke calculator can be found here.

Spokes are cut to length & threaded to order, which usually adds a couple of days processing time before being shipped.

Make sure you get the right length because spokes are not returnable!


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