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Rotor ALDHU Track crank arms, spider & axle

$ 495.00

Rotor's ALDHU Track crank begins with 3D CNC machining of top-tier 7075-aeronautic grade aluminum to ensure unmatched rigidity.

Utilizing a special manufacturing process named the “Trinity Drilling System", where an extruded aluminum bar is intricately CNC machined with three internal holes through the length of the crank, the result is a unique triple hollow crank arm that enables Rotor’s engineers to remove the excess aluminum in the core, resulting in exceptionally light weight while still maintaining structural strength.

The ALDHU Track also features a disc-style spider and 30mm proprietary axle system, offering both aerodynamics and extremely stiff power transmission.

Can be paired with any 144mm bcd track chainring of your choice (you do not need to use a Rotor chainring).

Includes arms, axle, disc spider & chainring bolts.


Rotor Track cranksets use proprietary M10 chainring bolts that thread directly into the disc spider. We sell replacements, but you can't use any other brand or type.

• 144mm bcd

• length: 165mm, 170mm

• chainline: 43mm

• Q-factor: 140mm

• required bottom bracket: Rotor BSA30 Track (sold separately)

• color: black

• actual weight: 539g (165mm arms, axle & disc)

Due to their narrow Q-factor, Rotor AHLDU and VEGAST Track cranks must be used with Rotor’s BSA30 Track bottom bracket, which has thinner external cups than all other outboard bottom brackets designed for use with a 30mm axle.

Using a bottom bracket with thicker cups is technically possible, but the back of the disc spider will contact the drive side cup, and the non-drive side cup won’t leave enough of the axle splines exposed to securely install the left crank arm, damaging the mounting interface.