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Retroguzzler™ Hydration Helmet

$ 18.00

Most track frames don't have bottle cage mounts, which often makes carrying your favorite beverages a total hassle.

How many times have you uttered to yourself, "But I only need to carry a few things and don't feel like wearing my comically large #messlife bag today!", only to find no other suitable alternative?

Well, those days are officially OVER. Now you can get that big sweaty bag off your back, keep your hands free to do whatever they want, protect your precious head from bird shit and stay "hydrated" while on the go.


Cans pictured are for demonstration purposes only and are not included. Derp.

• holds two 12oz or 16oz cans

• drinking tube has shut-off valve to avoid embarrassing over-hydration

• adjusts to fit nearly any size melon

• definitely not MIPS equipped

• colors: blue (Crips), red (Bloods)