Portland Design Works Magic Flute

$ 49.00

The Magic Flute mini pump can't spin straw into gold, nor does it issue forth sweet music, but what it lacks in mystical qualities it will certainly make up for the first time you are stuck in a shitty place with a flat tire.

Featuring durable alloy construction and a composite bracket that fits under your water bottle cage if you don't want to carry it in your bag, the Magic Flute allows you to use CO2 when you're in a hurry or pump up the old fashioned way when you've got a bit more time on your hands (or drop your only CO2 cartridge down a stupid sewer grate like Scrod did one time).

• length: 205mm (8.2")

• can be used with any threaded CO2 cartridges (not included)

• weight: 110g


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