Pedro's Micro Levers

$ 4.25

As if Pedro's tire levers weren't compact enough to fit in the front pocket of your super-hip skinny jeans, these Micro Levers are even smaller yet still pack a big punch when it comes to removing a stubborn tire.

These lil' levers are only 8.5cm long and snap together with bonus tool insert featuring an integrated presta valve core tool & valve extender wrench.

Available in black, pink, yellow, orange and green. We pick the color because surprises are good.


🔧 These are used to take a tire off the rim, not to put it on. If you want something to make installing tires easier, buy a Kool Stop Bead Jack.

• molded box construction and proprietary plastic blend makes these some of the strongest levers available

• chisel tip shape is easy to insert beneath the bead

• sold in matching pairs

• colors: pink, yellow, orange, green

• length: 8.5cm

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