Ottolock Cinch Lock

$ 55.00

Lighter than a U-lock and much tougher than a standard cable lock, the innovative Ottolock provides amazing short-stay or secondary security and keeps crimes of opportunity pointed away from your bike.

Made in the USA from multi-layered steel and Kevlar, the Otto holds up extremely well to bolt cutter attacks and coils up to a compact 3" diameter, making it the perfect portable companion lock to pair with your U-lock on the frame, wheels, saddle, or anything else you want to buckle down.

• 18mm wide band made of multiple high-temper steel & Kevlar layers w/ anti-scratch coating

• resettable three-wheel combination lock

• length: 18", 30"

• color: black

• weight: 120g (18") , 155g (30")

This is not a replacement for a U-Lock! For maximum security, always use a redundant locking method with both a U-Lock and a secondary lock.


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