Official Dave Scrod™ cycling kit

$ 66.60

Scrod is a man who knows what he likes and and sticks with it. Shit, he hasn't shaved his face in 20 years and has t-shirts older than most of our customers!

On or off the bike, his keen fashion sense (along with his rapidly graying beard) helps guide him through any given situation with ease and maximum utilitarian comfort. Now, you too can experience what it's like to walk - or ride - a mile in his clothes.

• top constructed of ultra low-tech moisture & odor-retaining 100% cotton

• handy left-chest utility pocket

• shorts made from ultra-durable, long-lasting 65% polyester/35% cotton twill and cut above the knee for maximum freedom of movement (unless you're a midget, then they're more like pants)

• rear "U-lock carrier" w/ button closure

• color: black top/brown shorts


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