Manwich™ Sloppy Joe Sauce

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Let's face it...whether you're rolling in from an epic ride or crawling in through a window after a raging night out at the local watering hole pounding PBR tallboys until they kick your shithammered ass out, you're probably gonna be fuckin' hungry when you get home.

Like a comic book superhero from days of old arriving at the slightest detection of distress or woe, that's when your trusty old friend Manwich™ always comes through!

This Sloppy Joe sauce is made of rich tomatoes, peppers, spices and a bunch of other weird stuff for a classic sauce that's deliciously messy.

Mix with cooked ground beef, ground turkey or fake meat veggie crumbles and plop it on a hamburger bun, throw some beans into the pot for some half-assed chili concoction or drink the sauce cold right out of the goddamn can if that’s what you wanna do because YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY.

15.5oz can

• choose from Original or Thick & Chunky for those who prefer to get extra sloppy 


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