Gigantex 45mm carbon clincher rim

$ 325.00

You may not know it but Gigantex is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality carbon rims in the world, producing rims in Taiwan for several larger brands (no, we won't tell you which ones).

While they're not as cheap as that sick set of ChinaCarbon rims you saw on eBay, they are still half the price of comparable clincher rims available bearing big fancy logos.

They're not quite the lightest carbon clinchers you can buy either, but Gigantex's philosophy is overall quality first, weight second. Do you ride your bike or just post shitty pics of it on Reddit?

• 700c clincher

• width: 23.5mm

• ERD: 558.25mm

• drillings: 20, 24, 28h

• weight: approx. 500g

• colors: matte black/carbon

Suitable for use with rim brakes but you've got to use carbon pads!


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