Fabric Scoop Race titanium saddle

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The Scoop line from Fabric is made using minimal three-part construction which consists of a cover, a base and a rail. This manufacturing technique removes any staples, excess material and any other imperfections that are synonymous with common saddle construction.

The cover is wrapped in a durable and waterproof microfiber cover with a grippy texture that still allows you to freely move around the saddle and and simple design makes it easy to clean. The base is made from a lightweight, flexible fiber-reinforced nylon that is strong enough to use less padding, which helps create a streamlined shape.

Rails on the Race model are made from a lightweight titanium alloy coated with CrNi and it is available in three distinct profiles: Flat for the most aggressive riding and race positions, Shallow for every type of riding style and Radius, for sitting more upright.

• synthetic cover

• hollow titanium rails

• length: 282mm

• width: 142mm

• choose from three profiles

• color: black

• weight: 238g (Flat), 254g (Shallow), 250g (Radius)

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