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Building wheels is one of our specialties and we pride ourselves on providing 10,000+  hand built wheels to customers all over the world.

Whether you need a single wheel or complete wheelset, add the appropriate labor charge from this menu to your cart along with the rims, hubs, spokes & spoke nipples of your choice so we can start building your new wheels.

By default, spoke threads are lubricated using a light soy-based oil during the lacing process. If you want to ensure maximum durability and wheels that require less maintenance, add our proprietary Lube & Lock spoke prep for an additional $5 per wheel.


The charges shown on this page are for LABOR ONLY and do not include rims, hubs, spokes, spoke nipples or rim tape. All components need to be added to your order from their individual product pages.

When adding spokes to your order, please add the correct quantity and choose 'custom wheel build - we calculate length' from the bottom of the menu on the spoke's product page. Do not just buy one spoke or pick a random length. We will determine the correct length based on the rims, hubs and lacing chosen.

Choose your components carefully. Custom built wheels are not returnable.

We do not build any wheels using customer supplied components.

• all wheels are trued to within .5mm tolerance for both lateral and radial movement, have less than a 5% tension variance between spokes and are dished correctly prior to shipping

• lead time for custom wheels is 7-10 days before being shipped

Our own top-secret proprietary formula, Lube & Lock is the ultimate magic sauce for our hand built wheels. 

When applied to spoke threads before lacing a wheel, it works as both a lubricant allowing for a smooth trouble-free spoke tensioning and a mild thread locker, to help prevent spoke nipples from vibrating loose.

Once fully cured, the breakable bond is also self-healing so future truing and maintenance of your wheels is no problem.


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