wheel build labor

$ 50.00

Building wheels is one of our specialties and we pride ourselves on providing thousands of hand built wheels to customers all over the world.

Whether you need a single wheel or complete wheelset, add the appropriate labor charge from this menu to your cart along with the rims, hubs, spokes & spoke nipples of your choice so we can start building your new wheels!

Due to a very high volume of orders, lead time for custom wheels is currently 10-14 days before being shipped.



This labor charge does not include spokes, spoke nipples or rim tape.

When adding spokes to your wheel build order, please add the correct quantity and choose 'custom wheel build - we calculate length' from the bottom of the menu on the spoke's product page. Do not just pick a random length. We will determine the correct length based on the rims, hubs and lacing chosen.

If you want to provide your own rims or hubs for a wheel build, an additional charge of $20 per component will be invoiced prior to shipping. Please keep in mind that we only build track wheels.

Custom built wheels are not returnable.

• spoke threads are prepped using Alchemy Lube & Lock to ensure longtime durability

• all wheels are trued to within .5mm tolerance for both lateral and radial movement, have less than a 5% tension variance between spokes and are dished correctly prior to shipping

If you'd like a front/rear lacing combination not shown on the menu (maybe a fancy 3X drive side/radial non-drive side on a single-side fixed hub?), please contact us before ordering.

Don't ask us for twisted spokes, snowflake patterns, etc. because that stuff is dumb.


All the cool kids are doing it. You want to be cool, right?