Chris King ThreadFit 24 outboard bearing bottom bracket

$ 154.00

Chris King is known for precision. Even their bearings are made in-house to standards that ensure the insane longevity of King's products, known to last through multiple bikes, or even decades, with equal ease.

With that degree of obsession built in to their price, we're confident that you'll be riding your Chris King bottom bracket for many years to come.

• made in USA

• 68-100mm English threaded (1.370" x 24 tpi)

• sealed cartridge bearings

• will fit standard, 24mm-spindle Shimano Hollowteh II-type cranks without adapters

• GXP cranksets like SRAM Omnium and S-300 will require Chris King Conversion Kit #9 (sold separately)

• spacers included

• requires Park Tool BBT-19.2 for installation & removal

• colors: black, silver, red, blue

• weight: 88g

Other colors can be special ordered. Please contact us for details.


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