Challenge Pista 320 clincher tire

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The Pista "open tubular" tire from Challenge is strong and light track tire suitable for cement and wood tracks.

Open tubular tires are produced using the same materials and production process as tubulars but instead of being sewn together at the end with an inner tube inside, the beads are made by folding the casing around Aramid fiber threads.

Mounting an open tubular tire on a wheel is the same as mounting a standard clincher.


⚠️ We strongly advise against using these tires on the street, as they are very thin and have no puncture resistant belt.

• 700c clincher

• handmade 320tpi cotton casing

• folding Aramid bead

• width: 23mm

• psi: 115-175

• color: black/tan

• weight: 170g


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