Catlike Whisper helmet

$ 120.00 $ 189.00

When you think of Catlike, you instantly think of the iconic Whisper. A helmet that broke all the rules of design when it was introduced.

The helmet's "Crash Energy Splitter" concept is designed around the location of the air vents so that any impact will share more than one nerve, distributing the crash energy among many different points thus absorbing it in the most efficient way. This technology allows material to be minimised in order to reduce weight whist maintaining safety priorities.

It also features "Low Nape Protection," referring to a specific lower rear structure that delivers extra protection to the back of the head.

Coolmax padding regulates head temperature and humidity

4-point adjustment system optimizes the rider's comfort

• features Dual Flow, an exclusive Catlike design to prevent overheating, which consists of large frontal air intakes connected to large rear exit vents

• extra padding included

• colors: white

• size: L = 58-61cm

• weight: 310g


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