Brooks Cambium C17S Carved Womens saddle

$ 160.00

The Ladies version of the C17 Carved, offering the same cutout section to the top to alleviate pressure and give a softer ride, also with a shorter nose which better corresponds to the female anatomy.

Made from vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton canvas enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience and legendary Brooks longevity, the Cambium delivers immediate comfort while absorbing vibration and shock - performance traditionally only found in natural leather saddles.

The uniquely flexible, maintenance-free, waterproof top is designed to follow the rider’s movements to deliver immediate comfort and are designed to be ready for use out of the box, requiring no initial or ongoing care or maintenance.

• 100% vegan

• length: 265mm

• width: 162mm

• colors: black, natural, slate

• weight: 390g


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