Blackburn Central 50 rear light

$ 44.00

Blackburn's most powerful rear light has five powerful LEDs that tell vehicles to steer clear.

This sleek, USB rechargeable light also features an aluminum body for maximum durability and has great mounting options for both your bike and body.

180ΒΊ bezel allows for excellent side visibility

β€’ silicone mount fits diameters from 22-35mm along with a clip for clothing, bags or racks

β€’ lithium-ion battery w/ micro USB charging connection

β€’ large lens power button is easy to turn on/off while pedaling or wearing gloves

β€’ thin profile easily fits in your pocket

β€’ headlight is off center to fit over stem

β€’ 3 modes: high, flash, strobe (all 50 lms)

β€’ runtime: 3 hrs (high); 9 hrs (flash); 12 hrs (strobe)

β€’ LED fuel gauge/charge indicator

β€’ waterproof to IPX-4 standard


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